Interesting NFL Bets

Whether or not you are a betting person or have  the cash to gamble, a lot can be learned by looking at Vegas’s NFL lines and future bets. It is one of my favorite pastimes. Here are some of the bets I think are pretty interesting:

New Orleans Saints 65/1 odds to win Super Bowl LI

Look, obviously this is the homer coming out in me, but really? 65 to 1? I can see things going very well for the Saints this season and I think 65 is too high. The right number to me is 30/1.

Jim Caldwell 4/1  odds to be first Head Coach fired

I would consider this an almost lock to happen, which is why I’m surprised he’s not the favorite. Sure, 4/1 is still likely odds, but I believe Mike McCoy has more job security and a better roster than Caldwell.

Jeff Fischer 6/1 odds to be first Head Coach fired

Another interesting one, as Fischer is reportedly in talks for a contract extension.

Sean Payton 14/1 odds to be  first Head Coach fired

Payton just received a BIG extension over the offseason, along with a press conference where he and the Saints renewed their vows. I think it is very unlikely he goes anywhere for a number of years.

Ezekiel Elliot -125  to win Offensive Rookie of the Year

He is the obvious favorite and I totally believe he will win the award. Romo’s injury should give him more opportunities, but if you believe the Dak Prescott hype he may end up splitting votes with Prescott.

Saints WR Michael Thomas +2000 to win Offensive Rookie of the Year


Enough said.

Tom Brady 12/1 to win MVP

The only way this happens is if the Patriots go 1-3 in the  games without Brady and he returns and just sets the  league on fire. I’m talking 350 yards a game and a bunch of wins, probably 11-1 or 12-0




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